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Climate Resilience Activation

Prevent, act and restore.

Fire Guardians

Fire-Guardians is a methodology for climate resilience activation. The stakes are high. The planet is burning, flooding and quaking. And we are always too late. We need to prevent, act and restore. Making our planet, cities, and rural areas resilient with modern methods and science insights. We can’t leave our environmental responsibilities just to governments and businesses. Ecosystems services are super important for life on earth. So we need to involve ALL citizens, businesses, and communities.


We are the Fire-Guardians and we have founded the ESG Guardians DAO! A data lake to hold ESG environmental data for fire detection, drought, precision farming and weather predictions. 

We focus on connecting people to their local environments so we can prevent the 80% human-caused fires, solve calamities, and restore and redesign landscapes quickly afterward. Our focus for now is on wildfire prevention and restoration of ecosystems to make the environment less vulnerable to fires. Our next focus will be water, because fire and water are strongly connected.

Our Fire-Guardians methodology has several steps:

  1. Mapping the local area – stakeholders, land ownership, climate zone, soil, water, businesses, governance, tourism, visitors, and local culture
  2. Making a plan always connecting the threat to opportunities
  3. Monitoring the effects of the implementations over time.

– Technology – e.g. satellite info/sensors to detect fire. The data is used for a warning system and content spreading for awareness. The data can also be used for precision farming, weather predictions for tourism, government monitoring or other purposes.

Community activation – crowdfunding, content spreading, inspiration and education will be done digitally and locally by partner communities. We will involve ambassador structures for change communication programs, supported by decentralized APPs.

Ecosystem restoration – before and after a fire, the landscape will be restored to hold more water in soils, trees and other vegetation. We bring stakeholders together to redesign landscapes, bring back rivers, and create corridors for fire prevention. We might even get involved in resilient energy transition designs without high voltage power lines (Edison combined with Nikola Tesla – multiple local energy sources) to prevent fire calamities during floods and earthquakes.

This is the video we made of our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) solution –  We started the Fire Guardians in alliance with AIOTI  EU standardization of protocols.


    • Quick detection by satellites, sensors and human observation
    • Quick activation of citizens and fire brigades
    • Preventing fires through awareness of human causes (e.g. farmers burning waste, BBQs, smoking, high voltage power lines, etc.)
    • People know what to do and have tools (e.g. poles with rubber flaps in the woods)
    • Area, landscape redesign before and afterward 
  • A huge data pool is available to all stakeholders to benefit from in different combinations. For governments, tourists, nature NGOs, landowners, farmers, citizens, and community gardeners.


Funding will be a combination of global and local money. Public subsidies will be combined with ESG investments from companies and crowdfunding. Funding and data become awareness tools. We will embrace all other bioregional community initiatives to strengthen the citizens, governments and companies with awareness, education and inspiration about ecosystem services. 

Ideally, we will share the surplus of our fundings in the whole community system of a bioregional area.

Contact us for:

  • ESG funding – we want to partner with you!
  • Specific funding for one of the 3 strands
  • Public subsidy opportunities
  • Local area funding
  • Crowdfunding actions


We are a Web3 project, a community driven DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The results of our work will be co-owned by all bioregional communities in our fire and water projects.

We are focused on sharing success and fail factors for ecosystem services and ecosystem risks in simple recipes, content and science education wide and far. Education and inspiration is a big part of our ESG Guardian DAO projects. We will share all generalized principles, success and fail factors of all 3 strands in books, videos, social media, academic white papers, and courses for bioregional and international communities.


We have a team of systemic designers from various disciplines. We combine decades of practical experience and have huge networks of scientists, data specialists, bioregional communities, and ecosystem service experts around us.

Desiree Driesenaar

Systemic designer of business models for healthy ecosystems

Gerald Lochner

Systems design with Web3, DAOs, and data meshes

Leandro Mazzetto

Founder of several Web3 companies in DeFi, tokenization, and social impact

Dr. Louisa Richmond-Coggan

Conservation & Sustainability Practitioner | Consultant

Reimar Klammer

Software Developer & Architect

Dimitrios A. Karras

Pattern recognition, image/signal processing and ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE

Maria Paraskevopoulou

Project manager ESG | WEB3

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